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Classic jewellery that enhances the beauty of the woman wearing it.

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"I like to think of my jewellery as enhancing the natural beauty of the woman wearing it. It doesn't overpower her, it just adds a bit of sparkle – like that perfect shade of lipstick. People will notice her."

Michelle Lambert creates classically designed jewellery without the conventional use of heat or solder. She carefully handcrafts the settings for the semi precious stone in sterling silver wire. Lambert keeps the settings understated and lets the rich colours and sparkling textures of her stones –garnet, amethyst and Labradorite to name a few – take center stage. Many of her customers enjoy wearing Lambert's earrings everyday and have built up a complete wardrobe of colour choices for professional, casual and evening wear. Lambert is well known for her distinctive way of designing with Labradorite, "I add a bit more silver with a crystal or freshwater pearls to bring out the colour flash of the Labradorite. They are very popular as gifts to send away – I guess it is our provincial pride," she muses. Lambert regularly uses brilliant Swarovski crystal in her jewellery that is cut in a unique way to fully reflect the light.

Michelle has been commissioned by the Lieutenant Governor's Office to create jewellery for visiting dignitaries and has been featured in books, magazines and on television.

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Contact: Michelle Lambert
Conception Bay South, NL

Phone: 709-687-6436