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Jason Holley - Twisted Metal Creations

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Jason Holley - Twisted Metal Creations
Jason Holley - Twisted Metal Creations
Jason Holley - Twisted Metal Creations
Jason Holley - Twisted Metal Creations


"The only way to understand my jewellery is to touch it, wear it.  Chainmaille is a textile made up of tiny metal circles.  Each ring is free to roll over your skin and catch the light. It’s important for people to interact with the jewellery. I display my jewellery open, so that customers can touch each piece."

A healthy obsession with historical chainmaille helps to fuel Jason Holley's career as a jeweller.  His pendants, cuffs and necklaces are evidence of Norse and Celtic inspiration: endless knots and rhythmic rows of perfect, shining circles. Holley sees a common function between the fashionable world of contemporary jewellery and chainmaille.  "I think my jewellery is about confidence and strength.  When people wear a piece and look in the mirror I see them stand up straighter.  I want people to feel strong, secure and bold.  They know that it's armor."  Holley meticulously creates each piece of jewellery by hand –one ring at a time – following his own patterns.  Twisted Metal Creations include shimmering earrings, sensuous ropes of chains, and dramatic collars of woven metal that are as supple as silk.

Jason has also expanded his chainmaille technique to the medium of clay. He builds sculptures that are solid, yet the individual clay rings are free to move. In 2011 his "claymaille" sculptures have been exhibited in Halifax at Studio 21 Fine Art and at the Atlantic Craft Trade Show in the gallery@ACTS. Jason's work was also part of the "Crafting Paradox" exhibit at The Rooms in St. John's in the spring of 2011.


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