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Silver and Silk - Rosalind Ford

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Silver and Silk - Rosalind Ford
Silver and Silk - Rosalind Ford


"I’ve replaced set stones with a woven silk in my jewellery. I am a textile artist at heart and love to experiment and challenge myself.  My weavings are understated, precious and subtle - like pearls."

Rosalind Ford is both a trained ornithologist and a textile artist; her time on the water observing sea birds fuels the inspiration behind her jewellery.  "I feel very connected to nature and I want people who wear my jewellery to feel the same way," Rosalind explains.  Any day spent outside is a good day for her.  Rosalind Ford's tiny weavings evoke the Newfoundland landscape in miniature.  She often works in indigo blue and lichen pink dyes:  the subtle blue waves of sea and sky or the blush of a setting sun over the water.  Ford drills tiny holes in the silver backing then threads them with wire warps.  Next, she weaves a weft of silk forming the landscape.  The fine silver backing is whiter and more luminous than sterling.

Rosalind lives and works in the rural community of Amherst Cove, NL.  Following the traditional method, she delicately harvest lichens from local rocks; lichens are the only ingredients in her natural dyes.

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Contact: Rosalind Ford
P.O. Box 222
Amherst Cove, NL A0C 2A0

Phone: 709-445-2007