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Muinjij Atelier


Like many artists, I don’t remember a time when I was not drawing or painting. But it wasn’t until the early eighties that I formed an intense focus on the social, cultural and spiritual issues of my Mi’kmaq heritage. I believe that artists create images that deal with their identity and my own work reflects an understanding of who I am.

Working in painting, printmaking and most recently film making, Jerry Evans explores his Mi’kmaq heritage with pride and sensitivity.  The reproductions, cards and t-shirts offered through Muinjij – Mi'kmaq for Little Bear - are based on his original artwork, with its traditional icons such as feathers, quillwork patterns, hieroglyphs, and archival photographs.  Through his artwork and products, Evans looks to reinterpret these symbols in a contemporary light and for new audiences.  These are images and symbols that reinforce Mi'kmaq identity for audiences of all races. They impart an understanding of how First Nations and European cultures relate today.  Evans' treatment of traditional symbols and imagery brings forward their significance as cultural icons that are a part of Newfoundland history with an enduring appeal and fresh relevance.

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Contact: Jerry Evans
Mailing Address: 91 Craigmillar Avenue
St. John's, NL A1E 1Z9

Phone: 709-754-5061 or 709-689-1912