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Maaike Charron


"I like that clay fights back. It's not like knitting or drawing, where the finished product is entirely your own doing. Clay has its own ideas about what shape it wants to be, how thick or thin it wants to get, and even what colour it ends up."

Maaike Charron is a surprising young woman.  With a M.A. in medieval studies and a B.A. in linguistics, Maaike taught herself pottery at the Clay Studio of the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador.   Today, she makes a distinctive line of functional pottery that betrays her close observation of "the cute or creepy in everyday life."

Charron is a fan of the overlooked and unnoticed:  snails, dragonflies, centipedes and spiders.  She decorates her mugs, plates and bowls with them in a restrained manner.  A single spider will adorn the inky blue shadows of a mug's corner.  To her delight, items with the least friendly bugs are her best sellers.

The Cephalopots –cream coloured vessels with delicately curling tentacles– are Charron's ocean inspired pots.  "I wanted to make something that was Newfoundlandy, but not kitschy, and not fishy," she explains.

Charron's pots reward their owners with intimate details for the eye –suckers on tentacles, the poor bee who will never make it to the flower on the opposite of the cup – and a satisfying feel for the hand.

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