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 "Wool felt is a material right out of nature. Holding it or contemplating it engenders calm. It offers a mini-haven of comforting experience.  Many people think of felt as soft but good felt is also strong."

 Trine Schioldan finds working with felt deeply satisfying because it is connected with the earth and the past.  For centuries, humans have transformed animal fibers into felt, which is a non-woven cloth produced by wetting, condensing and entangling the fibers.  It is an intensely demanding physical process.  The resulting felt is ideal for warm clothing, attractive carpets or wall hangings and even dwellings.  It can be any colour and almost any form.  Schioldan explains that she keeps working with felt because, "I never hit a dead end…there are so many paths to pursue – sculpture, fashion, embellishment."  Schioldan sees handmade felt as the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with colours and textures that you love and make you feel good, especially in a world dispirited by drab concrete and long grey seasons.  Her wall hangings, sculptural objects and functional items such as tea cozies or bookmarks combine her Scandinavian sense of design with the comforting qualities of wool felt.

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Contact: Trine Schioldan
St. John's, NL

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