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Paradise Farms Inc
Paradise Farms Inc
Paradise Farms Inc
Paradise Farms Inc


 "We are fortunate on the Island of Newfoundland as it is one of the few areas in the world that does not have the pests or diseases that affect honeybee colonies elsewhere.  This means we don't have to use pesticides or other chemicals.  Our bees are healthy and forage on organic farms and surrounding wild flowers."

 The husband and wife team of Aubrey and Viola Goulding operates Paradise Farms Inc. Together they raise honeybees and produce a wide range of honey-based products such as beeswax candles, specialty honey, and a line of body-care products with a devoted following of customers.   Check out Paradise Farms’ website to view some of the letters of thanks and endorsements from grateful customers who have relied on the company’s products to treat skin damaged by eczema and harsh working conditions.  Customers are delighted with the results these natural products have produced on their skin.  The skin care line also extends to man's best friend, with Pet Paw Bee Balm that soothes lacerated and cracked paws.

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97 St. Thomas Line
Paradise, NL A1L 2P9

Phone: 709-782-1435
Fax: 709-782-2189