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Green Family Forge
Green Family Forge
Green Family Forge
Green Family Forge
Green Family Forge


 "Each blacksmith made their tools in their own special style, we call it their signature. People in town could tell which blacksmith made an item by simply looking at it."  Wade Ivany, blacksmith

 Six generations of the Green Family worked as blacksmiths in Trinity starting in the 1750s.  At its height, Trinity had five blacksmith shops in operation forging necessary gear for the fishing industry and shoeing horses.  It was only in 1955 that the forge closed its doors, which have reopened as a living history museum and today produces a line of coat hooks, letter openers, fireplace utensils and other items based on its artifact collection.  Wade Ivany is the resident blacksmith who hammers each object into shape.  He was born less than 200 metres from the forge.  Ivany also trains apprentices, or "strikers", to keep the tradition of blacksmithing alive.  His "signature" is found in the leaf motif objects such as the leaf letter opener and key chain.  The Green Family Forge is owned and operated by the Trinity Historical Society.  The Forge welcomes visitors from May to September.

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Contact: Jim Miller
P.O. Box 8
Trinity, NL A0C 2S0
Forge Location: West Street, Trinity
Forge Hours: 10-5:30 Daily, mid-May to mid-October

Phone: 709-464-3599
Fax: 709-464-3599