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Marie's Knits
Marie's Knits
Marie's Knits
Marie's Knits


 "I started knitting when I was five years old.  If you wanted a hat or sweater back then you knit it.  We didn't have shopping malls or fashion outlets.  A lot has changed since but I think knitting is still a part of who we are as Newfoundlanders."  Marie Barnes

 Marie Barnes, and her rural home-based workers, knit a little bit of Newfoundland into every sweater, sock or hat they make.  Marie's Knits is best known for garments and accessories associated with the province's rich history and natural environment.  Majestic moose and whales, graphic puffins, loons and snowflakes adorn a range of 100% wool knits.  Double-knits and trigger mitts, which separate both the thumb and index fingers, were perfected hundreds of years ago but they are still popular with hunters, fishermen and anybody who wants to keep their hands nimble and warm.  Salt and pepper peaked caps are instantly recognizable to Newfoundlanders and have enduring appeal.  Vamps, thick knitted ankle high socks, provide comfort in rubber boots and are equally popular as an alternative to slippers.  Marie Barnes reflects on her products that are both culturally distinct and highly functional, " I believe I can capture some of the uniqueness of Newfoundland and share it with the world through my knit wares." 

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