Crafts of Character

About Us

Crafts of Character is a program of the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation which promotes high-quality, distinctive Newfoundland and Labrador craft products demonstrating excellence in creativity and craftsmanship.

From skilled hands come crafts of character … unique, colourful, exciting… products that reflect the distinct cultures, rich traditions and inspiring landscape of this place.

The “Crafts of Character” symbol recognizes quality craft made in Newfoundland and Labrador. Producers and retailers featured on this site have met specific criteria in order to use the Crafts of Character designation.

Using the Crafts of Character Site

This website helps you connect with the producers and retailers approved to use the Crafts of Character symbol. However, this is not an e-commerce site and orders for products are not taken through this website.

You can search for products by product category, medium or keyword. Each producer has a profile page showing information about them and their products, and contact information. In many cases producers have their own websites providing additional product selection and pricing information.

To place an order or make inquiries about specific products please contact the producer directly.

If you are looking for retailers who sell Crafts of Character products, you can search through the shops that are designated Crafts of Character retailers. While these retailers carry a good selection of Crafts of Character products you should contact them directly to confirm which Crafts of Character product lines they carry. They also stock products that do not have the Crafts of Character designation. There are also other retailers in the province who carry some selection of Crafts of Character products, so check the shops in your area and look for products carrying the Crafts of Character logo.