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Cara's Joy
Cara's Joy
Cara's Joy
Cara's Joy



"We both enjoy word play and the absurdity of everyday life.  Last year, Cara did a painting entitled Sometimes When Pop Was Out Fishing Nan Would Bake Pies in the Nude.  The best part of this piece was that it was based on a true story.  We live in outport Newfoundland where funny things happen –and eventually everyone hears about it."  Pam Dorey

If it is rich in character, sculpted from wood, or painted in bright colours, chances are Cara Kansala and Pam Dorey have made it for an exhibition, as a commission or for sale in their own Grumpy Goat Gallery in Upper Island Cove.  Right now, their favourite furniture projects include chairs that sprout fishermen and sea gulls or headboards shaped like waves festooned with mermaids.  Last spring it was a rowdy celebration of Newfoundland's folk music with eccentric musical instruments, doorknockers and floor cloths.  Cara and Pam's work is possessed with an irresistible energy.  Dancing houses the colour of red long johns, vivid purple skies and yellow bobbing boats…there are no inanimate objects or straight lines in their collages and sculptures. 

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Contact: Cara Kansala / Pam Dorey
Studio Location: The Grumpy Goat Gallery, 38 Green Road, Podbrook, Upper Island Cove (The lime green house by the sea)
Mail: Box 487
Upper Island Cove, NL A0A 4E0

Phone: 709-589-6854
Fax: None