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Billy Gauthier

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Billy Gauthier


Billy is of Inuit and Metis ancestry, born and raised in Labrador. His interest in carving came to him early. After spending a few hours watching his cousin John Terriak carve he went home to produce his first work - a woman's head, referred to as a "hood" - which he gave to his mother as a Mother's Day gift.

Billy finds great enjoyment in working with his hands and takes great pride in his heritage and his culture's respect of tradition, wildlife and the land. All of this is reflected in his work.

His solo show at the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver in the fall of 2010 sold out in a remarkable 18 minutes.

Billy uses a variety of materials including soapstone, serpentine, antler, bone, Labradorite (from Labrador sources only) and alabaster.

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