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Ruby LeRiche Beaumont

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Ruby LeRiche Beaumont
Ruby LeRiche Beaumont
Ruby LeRiche Beaumont
Ruby LeRiche Beaumont


 "Not everyone can afford an original work of art.  I want to share my paintings with people and reproductions, in the form of posters and cards, let me do that.  Visual art is like music, it is about feelings that are meant to be shared."

 Just Life is a depiction of maple leaves with a butterfly hidden among the leaves.  This image by Ruby Beaumont is very popular among customers as a sympathy card. They find comfort in the metaphor.  "The leaves return to the earth and in the spring there is new growth," explains the artist. Beaumont doesn't compete with the camera.  Rather than documentation, her painting seeks to capture the complex emotions she has experienced in certain landscapes and situations. As such, Beaumont's subjects - like haunting driftwood - seem to pick her.  When Beaumont paints a cluster of blueberries, it is the blueberries of your dreams – the biggest juiciest berries that you can't ever pick enough of.  Her partridgeberries express the miracle of surviving with sweetness amid harsh crevices.  Beaumont's style of painting is a distinctive mix of surrealism and realism. She paints landscapes, still lifes and abstracts with the emotional authority of a self-portrait.

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